DIY Bingo Party

If you want to organize a party with the theme - BINGO,  here is what you need:

1. You will need bingo cards

2. You will need Bingo balls (75 or 90)

3. Bingo machine 

4. You will need something to write with

1. Bingo Cards

You can buy them, You can print them online or make them yoursef.

The easiest way we find it to be the second option, to print them online. There are several websites where you can customize your bingo cards for free and print them. 

For example: this is a free web based bingo card generator for printing many types of bingo cards, including those with your own custom word lists.

or this is also a great bingo sheet generator website where you can customize the bingo card size, number of cards, cards per sheet, options to sort the words and/or include a 'free' space in the center, popular samples themes with words/phrases, and optional you can name it.

2. Bingo Balls


You can make them yourself: What you will need is ping-pong balls and stickers. To mark the bingo balls, attach letter and number stickers to ping-pong balls. There are several websites where you can download for free both letters and numbers.

or You can buy them: eBay is a great source to find everything you need, that unless your local store does not supply it.

3. Bingo Machine

You can make it yourself: we have found for you a website that guides you step by step on how to build you own bingo mashine -,

you can Buy your bingo machine from ebay. from  only 6.95 Punds ($11)

or you can use an electronic bingo machine (online software available as well).

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